Upcoming House Concerts

First Show of the year!

Anna Tivel and Jeffery Martin House Concert

Friday, March 9, 2018     7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

$15 Early Bird Donation until March 1, THEN $20.00 AFTER THAT UNTIL DAY OF SHOW

 At the Listening Room, of course!

“Portland songwriter Anna Tivel is a favorite over at Hearth. She’s a deft, clever songwriter with a knack for observing the small, subtle beauties of our lives.” – Kithfolk

“Everything here is testament to her storytelling gifts (she’s been likened to Steinbeck and I suspect she may have a novel or short stories collection in her) with her finely drawn characters and observations of an emotional life that ranges from defiance to regret, joy to sadness.” — Folk radio, UK

“Jeffrey Martin can write a heavy-hitter and sing it too. He’s good backstage company, and a solid bet for any club in the country.” -Jeffrey Foucault

All the while he was also playing truckloads of music.  There was one weekend where he flew to LA while grading essays on the plane, played two shows, and then flew back home, still grading essays, and woke up to teach at 5 am on Monday morning.  It was around this time he started wondering if such a life was sustainable.

Alas, music, the tour life, was a constant raccoon scratching at the back door.  Jeffrey spent nights on end sitting up in bed, and then sitting on the front porch, staring off into the dark, wondering if he could bear to leave teaching to go on tour full time.  Eventually his brain caught up with what his guts had known for months.  With tears in his eyes he announced to his students that he wouldn’t be back the following year, and that he didn’t feel right hollering at them to chase their dreams at all cost if he wasn’t going to do the same.







Come to the “Listening Room” to hear unique and magical house concerts in a small and intimate setting.  Folk musicians of all varieties play in this wonderful venue.

Visit us at http://thelisteningroom.info/ or call at (608)-348-5831

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Friday June 1st, 2018


Please come out to support live music in an intimate, up close setting: our living room is about as close as you can get…                 Joanne and Fred


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Contact Fred and Joanne at 608.348.5831 or e-mail jmberaldi@centurytel.net

Past Performers
David Landau
David Francey
The Strangebyrds
Pierre Bensusan
Kelly Jo Phelps
Garnet Rogers
Rachael Davis
Robby Hecht
John Gorka

Tracy Grammer

Hadley Kennary

Ben Shannon

Ira Wolf



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